April 2021 UPDATE

The Eco Festival is now scheduled for Saturday 4th September 2021.
We felt this would give the best chance for it to go ahead and we cross our fingers as we buddy up with Invasion Colchester to see our town rock that day!

Of course this wholly depends on how the pandemic progresses later this year, but fingers crossed and we welcome applications for Sponsorship, Volunteers, Stall Holders, Artists. musicians etc

Watch this space!

So what is the Eco Festival all about?

At its heart a FREE festival organised by local volunteers for our community to come together, be entertained, take part in and discover new ways of doing things more sustainably. Be inspired, learn, network and discover how we can create positive social environmental change by consuming products and services differently.

No one individual or company is totally 100% sustainable, we are all on a journey to improve our ecological footprint here on this beautiful planet. Making a pledge and commitment to positive change is hopefully what we all want to see.

The Eco Festival team is seeking to provide a template for future events, supporting emerging and established solutions, a project that we are working hand in hand with Colchester Borough Council and Enform on improving the way we do things.

We want your ideas and input so please do give us your suggestions via our contact form.

Saturday 4th September 2021
Lower Castle Park, Colchester


A free community event, aimed at inspiring and educating visitors to create positive social change, everyday changes about how we consume products and services. By learning, and doing things differently, together we can all make a big difference. It is our aspiration that all future events will be sustainable, carbon neutral/negative and be ecologically sound.

Saturday 4th September 2021
Lower Castle Park, Colchester

Make a Difference

Eco festival organised, coordinated and run entirely by Volunteers from the local community. Why not get involved. Learn, be inspired and meet some lovely new people. Sign up as a volunteer.

What’s On

Music and Arts Stage

Arts & Crafts

Solar Power

Healing & Well Being Arena

ECO Living

Children's Eco Activities & Forest Schools

Energy & Storage

Bee Keeping

Ecological Talks

Horticulture, Permaculture & Gardening

Transportation, Cycling, Electric Vehicles, Electric Bikes

Bushcraft & Wilderness Skills

Vegan & Vegetarian Food Stalls


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