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The Eco Festival is one of the largest environmental and ecological events in the UK.
It is 100% FREE to the public and we want to keep it that way
It is organised and executed entirely by volunteers who are passionate about the environment.
Help us to remain independent and to provide a festival every year.

Why should I donate?

The Eco Festival is a free community event, aimed at inspiring and educating visitors to create positive social change, everyday changes about how we consume products and services. By learning, and doing things differently, together we can all make a big difference.

How can I donate?

What is Eco Colchester?

Eco Colchester is an integral part of building a greener future by helping to inform and develop a more sustainable and localised community. This is run by volunteers on behalf of Enform.

What does Enform do?

We are a one-stop shop for all matters related to the environment, providing a focal point for the gathering and exchange of information on one of the most important issues of the day; the environment.

We are well known for supporting Colchester and Wivenhoe Farmers Markets, as well as Re-Paint Essex, a paint recycling scheme, and ReUse Essex, a great way to reuse rather than reject unwanted goods. Green Open Days are also high on our agenda, along with a lot of other great projects aimed at helping inform, educate and assist those looking to choose a greener path.

Who we can help…

Individuals, environmental groups, educationalists and companies can all benefit by using en-form.

… and who can help us!

We are here to help, but to do so we need your help! en-form is a registered charity which needs support from volunteers and through donations. The enormity and complexity of environmental issues is demonstrated by the variety of subjects listed on this website and this is just a fraction of the interests and concerns of the public. The choices we make are often a result of the information we receive, which is why We Need You!

We thank you in advance for any monies received, we have limited funds so any help at all you can give is appreciated and will go towards a future en-form events.