Cacao ceremony

Cacao ceremony

Louise is an experienced Keith’s Cacao practitioner, Sacred Circle facilitator, mentor and teacher.

For this special Eco Festival, Cacao Ceremony Louise will combine her knowledge and experience in sustainable development, environmental geography, activism, and her journey in becoming a more conscious consumer with her love and devotion to Ceremonial Cacao as a plant medicine.

Exploring some of the ethical issues surrounding our chocolate consumption, and discussing how working with Ceremonial Cacao can begin healing humanity’s relationship with chocolate, restore harmony and sanctity to this Food of the Gods and support you in remembering your own connection to the Earth.

We will sit in a circle, receive her nourishing, heart-opening medicine, and share Cacao wisdom.

If you can, please avoid caffeine and cow dairy 6 hours before the ceremony as it does inhibit the full effect of the cacao.
It’s best to not eat 2/3 hours before the ceremony.

Please be aware that antidepressants are a contraindication when working with Cacao. You should not consume ceremonial cacao if you have a heart condition. If you are taking any medication, please consult your doctor/ health practitioner before ingesting the cacao.

If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or sensitive to caffeine and stimulants please let me know so we can prepare a lower dose.

Keep well hydrated on the day.
If any of the above applies you can still join with a lower dose or alternative drink.

Any questions message Louise 07493 059 207 or via Instagram @shesmedicine