Citizens’ Assembly

Citizens’ Assembly

There will be a Citizens’ Assembly comprising TWO sessions during the Festival:

  • Session 1 – 11.25 to 12.30
  • Session 2 – 14.15 to 15.15

A Citizens’ Assembly can be used for any issue but the Festival Team believed that as this is the Eco Festival it should be used to discuss the Climate & Ecological Emergency.

The Citizens’ Assembly is a process that enables anybody to take part with others in deliberating about any issue that concerns them.

There are three principles for the process to work:

  1. Active Listening – it is important for each participant to really listen to others. The quality of listening is at least as important as the speaking.
  2. Trust – the more we trust the process will produce useful outcomes, the more it will.
  3. Inclusivity – Everyone present has a part to play, so every participant is valued and supported in speaking what matters most to them.

After an introduction, participants split into groups small enough so that everyone can get their say.  Notes are kept, and a brief summary of discussions is fed back to the whole group afterwards.

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