Communicating the Climate & Ecological Crisis to people in power

Communicating the Climate & Ecological Crisis to people in power

Individual actions are very important, but we also need those in power to take action. I will discuss how we can engage our MPs and local politicians in action to combat the climate crisis

When the United Nation’s advisors on the Climate Crisis declared “Code Red for Humanity” in August, their spokesperson said that the single most important thing we can all do to prevent disaster is “speak to those in power”. The Grantham Institute on Climate Change at Imperial  College, London, lists the 9 things we can do about climate change, top of their list is “speak to those in power,” followed by “eat less meat and dairy”, and “take fewer flights”.

We know changes in our own lives are important and do make a difference, but we also need the UK Government to stop all new coal, gas and oil development, to change building regulations so that all new homes are zero carbon, to retrofit existing homes to make them as low carbon as possible, in short, to legislate to ensure industry cuts carbon emissions further and faster.

Fortunately, this is a quick and easy task. Over your next coffee/tea at home, send an email to your MP saying you are very worried about the climate crisis and would like to see the Government take more action, faster, to back up their aspirations with actual policies that will deliver change before the next election.

Next week, resend it, and resend at least weekly till you receive a reply.
You will probably receive a reply telling you the Government has it all in hand.
Email again, saying you appreciate all they are doing but it’s clearly not enough. Repeat weekly. Have fun!

By Jill Bruce, Lead Climate Ambassador, Essex Federation of WIs

WI Climate Ambassador, lobbying MPs for 6 years