Connecting to Nature for a better future by dispensing with the stigma

Connecting to Nature for a better future by dispensing with the stigma

My speech is about being open and committed to the environment
which is still seen as not cool and is therefore a barrier for young
people getting involved.

For me the whole reason Planet Earth is in jeopardy is that except for a few indigenous tribes humankind has lost most of its direct contact with the natural world and arrogantly thinks it can control it for its own sole benefit.  Going forward it is the young who can & will become the real change makers.

Within the general public a general acceptance I detect that they feel there is nothing they can do but from my own actions to date I have seen that everyone is capable of making a positive difference.

By Hattie Phillips, WWF Youth Ambassador
I am currently studying at The Plume Academy in Maldon.

The past 18 months have been extremely busy due to the increase in
environmental awareness across the world and the declaration of a Climate Emergency.  I am a Youth Ambassador for the WWF which means that I support their work nationally.  However, I am very keen to encourage communities to work together to make changes at a local level.  I currently hold the Essex Wildlife Trust Living Landscapes Young Conservationist Award, A Jack Petchy award
through my school and was most recently honoured to receive a Community Impact Award from the Mayor of my home town, Maldon.  Like the majority of activists and campaigners, the work that we do is just an extension of our own interests so if it’s anything to do with nature I love it.