Sustainable Transportation Show

Sustainable Transportation Show

Electric Transportation such as Electric Vehicles, eBikes, eScooters are helpful tools to help reduce our impact and transition to more sustainable, greener forms of transportation.

eBikes & eCargo bikes

eBikes give you that extra boost to get up hills and travel longer distances by bike and eCargo bikes can carry children and heavy loads and can use cycle paths and green links that cars can’t access. Plus you can usually park right on the door step!

Wolf, Kim and Lianne from the Colchester eBike users group are just some of our local eBike and eCargo bike owners who will be on hand to share their experience, show you their vehicles and answer your questions.

To try out an eBike or an eCargo bike visit the Try Out area

Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles are greener, less polluting, cheaper to run, cheaper to maintain than petrol and diesel cars. With the upcoming ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 Electric Vehicles are going mainstream. Have a read of this helpful article on the en-form website

At the Festival we will have a the following activities

Mythbusters, Questions & Answers

Tom Whelham will be giving a public Electric Vehicles Mythbusters – Questions & Answers session in the Speaker’s Tent.

Electric Vehicles with Owners will be on-hand to answer your questions

In association with Colchester Electric Vehicle Society, we will have around 8 privately owned Electric Vehicles for you to look at, touch and sit in. Owners will be on hand to answer your questions about owning, charging and driving an Electric Vehicle.

Each vehicle will have information about the cost of ownership, charging speeds and costs and the owners top 5 likes and dislikes.

Renault Zoe – 2014

Top 5 Likes

  • Very cheap to own and run
  • I can charge at home on 100% renewable electricity
  • 43Kw AC Rapid Charging (3-phase AC)
  • The electric powertrain is smooth, enjoyable and easy to drive
  • Remotely activated Air-con/Heating is amazing.

Top 5 Dislikes

  • Lack of DC Rapid Charging using the latest CCS standard
  • Lack of AC Rapid charging locations
  • Limited range: 70-80 miles
  • Battery rental – but it includes a Lifetime warranty and free road assistance
  • Infotainment is outdated

Hyundai Kona – 2019

Top 5 Likes

Top 5 Dislikes

New Electric Vehicles on show for you look at and play with.

In association with Roy Tolley, we will have an assortment of 5-6 New Electric Vehicles for you to look at and play with. A team of salespeople will be on hand to help you.

At Roy Tolley we are pleased to now be able to offer you a selection of Electric vehicles from across our model ranges.

In our ever-changing world, an increase in innovative technology and efficiency is inevitable. Offering outstanding potential to cut carbon emissions whilst offering efficiency like no other, electric and hybrid vehicles are soon to become the first choice for the modern driver.

Fully electric vehicles are currently limited by range and charging points available, but as these technologies improve, the benefits of electric will undoubtedly begin to outweigh the negatives.

Hybrid vehicles offer a good entry point if you can’t yet make the switch to full electric, offering huge savings in fuel if the number of miles warrant the additional purchase cost.

Visit our website for our latest offers

Octopus Electric Vehicles

We’re here to help you discover this new world of pure electrification.

After we realised how good Salary Sacrifice was – making EVs a no brainer – our team has worked tirelessly to design and deliver a scheme that makes it easy and cost-neutral for companies of all shapes and sizes to set up and run.

And we make it easy for the employees too – helping them discover the cars, new energy tariffs and smart charge points; and charging on the go if they don’t have a driveway or are planning a longer journey.

We’ve teamed up across the Octopus Energy Group, and done the legwork to fund other partners that understand electric cars – to bring together everything you need as you switch to electric.

Our team are here every step of the way, and we can’t wait for you to discover this new world of driving.

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to attend the Eco Festival it clashes with Fully Charged Live. We have chosen to continue to support the Eco Festival as a Sponsor.

Have a look at our website for our latest Electric Vehicle leasing deals.

Electric Vehicle charging and sustainable energy

In association with Gridserve, we will have staff manning the stall to talk about our world-first electric forecourt, information on vehicle leasing, who Gridserve are and our plans for the future and we will potentially have an electric vehicle to show off.

GRIDSERVE is a tech-enabled sustainable energy business. We develop, build, own and operate dependable, low cost, clean energy solutions for critical power infrastructure.​

To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as possible, we #deliver net zero carbon solutions for power and transport which are designed to be better and less expensive than legacy solutions.

The Electric Forecourt® is a revolutionary product that provides spectacular charging facilities at the same time as delivering an awesome customer experience.

Our first site in Braintree, Essex is now open and welcoming customers – come on down and check it out!