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Eco Festival 2022

In 2021 with a footfall of approximately 3,500, we are one of the largest Eco Festivals in the UK. Sustainability is at the heart of the Eco Festival, it is our aspiration that all future events will be sustainable and carbon negative.

Our pragmatic goal for the event is to be carbon neutral and highly ecological. We are therefore asking all stallholders attending the event to self assess their ecological impact by assessing your transportation, energy use, packaging, country of origin and sustainability of materials, equipment, ingredients and the waste products produced. This will help you to evaluate, understand and make deliberate choices to reduce your impact. We will give preference to local businesses but we expect all businesses attending to be within 30-40 mile radius of Colchester (unless you have a local representative).

Single use plastics and polystyrene are banned

This includes bottles, cups, plastic cutlery and other non-recyclable items. Re-usable items are recommended and metal cans are acceptable. Composting bins will be provided and each stall holder will be expected to deal with waste created by their own space.

Power generation from fossil fuels is banned

This includes petrol & diesel generators. If you require electrical power please let us know your power requirements and we will endeavour to provide it.

All meat products are excluded from the festival

All meat and fish products are excluded from the festival due to their high carbon and ecological damaging footprint. (Food notices regarding intolerances and allergy notices must be clearly displayed, customers asked to identify if they have any of these on all stalls).

Lighting Options

If you need lighting please consider alternatives such as portable lighting using rechargeable batteries.

Other plastics to be mindful of

We would also like to remind you on the use of such things as plastic based Gaffa tape, cable ties and Sellotape and ask you to look for and use non- plastic based, many strings & ropes are made of plastic. If you are upcycling and/or reusing these products please do tell us and your customers!

Recycling and waste

All stall holders are expected to provide recycling facilities and remove waste at the end of the Festival.

Carbon Offsetting

You may wish to explore the offset of your carbon emissions by the planting of trees for example, but we would much rather you cut your emissions in the first place.

If you need help or have questions please let us know as we will be glad to help. Carbon offsetting is one way to reduce your impact but this is not a silver bullet.

Stallholder Charges:

Commercial enterprise stallholder – Standard pitch (3m x 3m) –      £150

Stallholder – Double (6m x 6m) –                                                                £300

Stallholder – Small enterprise/self employed (3m x 3m) –                    £75

Stallholder – Charity/Non-Profit/Trust (3m x 3m) –                                 £25

Catering Pitch with a maximum footprint of 8m x 5m                      £150 (no vat)

If you are a baker, supplying home made bread, cakes, jams
or other bespoke food items (standard stall price – 3m x 3m)            £75

Alternatively, why not sponsor us? Packages start at £250

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