Plan your eco-friendly journey to Eco Festival

Colchester’s Castle Park is in the heart of the town with many sustainable travel options to get to it. The nearest post code is: CO1 1UD

Please try to travel to the festival using sustainable transport. Use the map below to see the area within a 30 minute walk, recommended cycle routes, nearest bus stops, train station locations and nearest car parks.

On Foot

If you live within a mile or two of the festival, why not walk in? Our map shows the surrounding area within a 30 minute walk of the festival.

By Bike

You can cycle to Castle Park using cycle paths and many off road and quiet routes from various areas of Colchester. We have plotted some recommended quiet routes to the festival from Greenstead, Monkwick, Shrub End, Old Heath and Highwoods.

If these routes don’t work for you, you can plan your own using  and the Colchester Cycle Map

We have provided extended cycle parking at both ends of the Cycle Path through Lower Castle Park (Middle Mill Weir and over the Bridge from Leisure World) Please park at the edges and don’t cycle in the park.

Cycle parking with space for adapted bikes can be found at both ends of the cycle path through Lower Castle Park.

If you arrive by bike, our Dr Bikes will be on hand at the Leisure World side of the park to give your bike a free safety check and you can also receive a free security stamp on your bike and registration, to help have your bike returned to you if it is stolen and then recovered. (First 100 only)

By eScooter

The Tier eScooters are located all over Colchester, so feel free to book and arrive on a Tier eScooter but please do not ride it in the park and park it in the bike parking areas at each entrance.

By Bus

The nearest bus stop with the shortest walk to Lower Castle Park is at Middleborough. The recommended route from the bus stop is via St Peter’s street. Alternatively, all bus services into Colchester stop close to the park, either in the High Street, Head St or on North Station Road. Lower Castle Park is an approximately 10-minute walk from all of these stops.

Plan your journey by bus at Plan Your Journey | Traveline Use postcode CO1 1TJ as your endpoint, which will take you into Castle Park.

First Buses, Arriva and Hedinghams provide the majority of bus services in Colchester

By Train

Colchester’s main station is approximately a 20 minute walk from the festival. You can also hire an escooter or catch a bus from the station. If you get a bus ask to be let off at Middleborough bus stop.
Trains from Tendring stop at Colchester town station, a 10 minute walk from the festival
Plan your journey by train at

By Park and Ride

If you are travelling by car from Ipswich, Chelmsford or Tendring, leave your car at the Park and Ride and bus into town. Ask to be let off at Middleborough bus stop. Check Park and Ride times and costs at Colchester Park and Ride | Essex County Council

By Car Share

If you have to come by car, see how many friends and family members you can fit in! Share the cost of parking and fuel. You can use Essex Carshare community – part of the Liftshare network to find a lift online if you want to.

By Car

If you have to come by car there are lots of public car parks around the town centre.

For blue badge holders, the nearest disabled parking for the festival is at Middle Mill right next to the park entrance. This only has 3 parking spaces with a maximum 3-hour stay. Alternatively, there is additional disabled parking at Leisure World, where the festival can be accessed via the bridge over the river. The route between Leisure World and the park is tarmacked and smooth. Festival visitors can also be dropped off at the park entrance in St Peter’s street.

For all other drivers, there are public car parks including Nunn’s Road, St Mary’s and Grey Friars. The car parks highlighted on the map are the closest and only a short walk away.

Please remember to switch off your engine every time you wait, together we can reduce air pollution by up to 30% by switching off every time we wait.