What’s On

We are working with a huge assortment of organisations, clubs, societies, charities and individuals who will be attending the Eco Festival.

Below is the latest information on who is attending the Festival and the various activities and entertainment.

Last updated: 3-July-2022

Eco Living Stalls


en-form is a registered charity dedicated to helping make a difference one bit at a time. Whether you are trying to commit to recycling your plastic to reduce your carbon impact, or you want to know about making your home more energy efficient to reduce your fuel bills – we are here to help!

Our Aim: To encourage public involvement in safeguarding and improving the environment.

Our Objective: To contribute towards the establishment of a healthy and sustainable environment in which all communities can thrive.

We aim to fulfill the following functions:

  • Provide comprehensive information on a wide range of environmental issues.
  • Assist individuals and organisations to make better informed decisions on how they can help improve and sustain our environment.
  • Act as a focal point for all local environmental groups.
  • Help all the local groups to achieve their environmental projects by building partnerships with like minded groups, helping with funding advice and providing more general advice.
  • Inform & educate the local population on environmental matters by offering a link between schools and other local groups and environmental education services
  • Inspire other groups to start and achieve a range of environmental projects, acting as a catalyst and partner.

Eco Colchester

We are Eco Colchester – a non-profit & community led group, whose intention is to enable the local community to network, communicate, learn and take action on the climate crisis and global biodiversity loss at a local and grass roots level.

As the Colchester community arm of En-form, we act as a community voice for social responsibility and environmental preservation and improvement and want to help Colchester to grow and flourish into an ecological and environmentally sustainable place to live today and for our future generations.

We are an integral part of the Eco Festival

East of England Co-op

We’re proud to be the largest independent retailer operating in the East of England. We provide food stores and specialist services, such as funerals, security, travel agents and petrol filling stations to communities across Essex, Suffolk and Norfolk.

With a significant property portfolio and other businesses, such as events and conference facilities and stonemasonry, we are a diverse and modern business.

As a co-operative business. we’re run differently to other big organisations, putting our members first. Our focus has always been, and always will be, the local communities in our region.

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Perrywood Tiptree

We have two successful garden centres, both with a gift and coffee shop in Tiptree, Essex and Sudbury, Suffolk. We are an independent family-owned business run by the Bourne family since the 1950’s. Our vision is to inspire people to get more plants in their lives. Our every day mission is to offer a memorable garden centre experience; delivering wow customer service and giving employees, customers, suppliers and our local community a reason to smile.
This year our ‘Plant Hope’ campaign aims to help our customers find little ways to become more sustainable to help change for a better future. Through displays and signage in store, our website and social media we are providing our customers will lots of inspiration and information to help them find little ways to help support the environment.

Cannock Mill Cohousing

We are a mutually supportive cohousing group, sharing values and aims, building our own low energy and environmentally friendly homes with a shared ‘common house’, land and facilities at Cannock Mill, Colchester. Our website provides information on us, our project and on cohousing generally.

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The Refill Den

Here at The Refill Den, we want to go back to basics. We’re passionate about our planet and we want you to be too. Our aim is to encourage people to reduce their plastic waste and be more eco conscious, especially when it comes to food shopping. By buying products free-of-packaging, you get to choose how much you want of a product, whilst also saving money and reducing waste, it’s a win-win!

Eco Living magazine

More than just another lifestyle magazine Eco Living is delivering a real message, helping its readers to make discerning choices when it comes to purchasing homes, holidays, food and goods that will, by their nature, help nurture and ultimately save our planet

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Sandy Armitage Designs

Freelance Interior Architectural Designer
led by sustainability and biophilic principles

“Transforming your space without costing the earth.”

I bring to you a wealth of knowledge and over three decades of experience from transforming homes for the exclusive luxury domestic market.

I offer a tailored and personal design service to show you the possibilities of creating a timeless wow-factor in your home that has less to do with fashion and more to do with character and individuality and function that makes the most significant use of your space to meet your needs on every practical and emotional level.

I endorse products from sustainable manufacturers and companies that offer excellent pre-loved kitchens and I’ll show you how re-imagining your existing stuff can be as exciting as buying something new.


Vintage & pre-loved household fabrics used to create occasion wear and wedding dresses; minimising impact for the planet. Creating wearable clothing from recycled/reclaimed fabric for adults and children

Zion health

Here at Zion Health we promote health and wellness through natural, holistic products and supplements designed to boost the immune system, wellness & overall health. We provide the very best top-quality organic products, proven to improve the Mind, Body & Spirit.

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RentMy, the Airbnb of everything

RentMy tools, tents, trailers and so much more!
80% of household items are used less than once per month.

Save money AND make money!
Why buy for more, when you can rent for less? Or, if you do need to buy it, rent it out and recoup some of the costs.

For the planet!
If everyone in the world consumed as much as we do in the UK, we’d need 3+ planets of resources.

The Eco Hive

Do you find it too expensive to be eco friendly? We’ve got it covered.

Every day, eco friendly products for skin and haircare, the home & garden at super affordable prices

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Buzz Power

Buzz Power was born of two family passions: a love of beekeeping and running and cycling in the great outdoors.

Our founder and Apiarist-in-Chief, Tony, has been keeping bees for many years and his son Ed, a seasoned marathon runner and long-distance cyclist, suggested that a honey-based carbohydrate would be an excellent substitute for maltodextrin-based energy gels.

Like many competitive runners and cyclists, Ed found conventional maltodextrin-based energy gels an “unpleasant necessity”.

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Eco Hug

In a world where consumerism has gone mad and with the over- production of plastics, with no proper means of disposing or recycling of it, we need to be looking to real alternatives to lessen our waste footprint at home. Its not always easy!

Arts & Crafts Stalls

Womble Knits

Colourful, reusable, handmade alternatives to plastic such as cotton market bags, soap sacks and washcloths, wool nappy covers, bottle slings, reusable gift bags, personalised Christmas stockings and decorations.  I also stock eco knitting patterns and knit kits for a range of my products.

The Coddiwomplers

We are The Coddiwomplers. We make lovely things from willow and wood and run willow weaving workshops for all ages. We are based in Norfolk.

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Cortissa® has a unique personality because of its vintage look and its eco-friendly, fun and colourful accessories. Everyone has a favourite colour that better defines who they are. After all, we believe that Cortissa®’s bright colours can change our clients’ moods. We choose things in general because we want to feel in a particular way.

We challenge you to let Cortissa® bring some fun and elegance to your life and want you to feel good. Those bright colours can be a reflection of your happiness and cheer you up. We want Cortissa®’s vibrant and lively colours to be combined with elegant and sustainable materials to help you raise your – and everyone around you – spirit.


Reusable face masks and accessories handmade in the UK.

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Mad Patch Creations

Hand made items for everyone. From my organic eco range to luxury heirloom quilts.

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Seaside Treasures

Ahoy! All my products feature treasures from the sea. 100% authentic seaglass that I have collected from my local coastline – Southend – Leigh-on-Sea (unless location is otherwise stated). True seaside treasures turned into beautiful jewellery and gifts

Sustainable Transportation Stalls

Colchester Electric Vehicle Society

We are a friendly community of local EV drivers.

We are aiming to have approximately 10 Electric Vehicles at the Festival covering lots of different makes, models, ages and price points. There will be information available about the cost of ownership, cost of charging and various different charging options. You will be able to look around the vehicles and talk to directly with EV owners.

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Colchester Borough Council’s eCargo bikes

An electric cargo bike, often called an eCargo bike, is an electric bike with purpose-built storage. The bikes come in different shapes and sizes to suit whatever is being transported, whether that be shopping, equipment, flowers, parcels, heavy goods or kids!

They offer a sustainable, low cost and environmentally friendly way for businesses to deliver goods and services and for residents to carry larger and heavier loads .

Come and try out a range of Colchester Borough Council’s eCargo bikes and find out about current and future plans to make them available for businesses and residents to borrow.

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Raleigh is one of the best-known bike brands in the world. Established in Nottingham, England in 1887, we offer reliability and trust from a brand with over 130 years of heritage. Raleigh now offers a range of e-cargo options to help you choose a more sustainable and environmentally friendly path through a brand you can trust.

We will be at the Eco Festival to let you try our range of both family and business e-cargo bike/trike models, plus answer any questions you may have.

Roy Tolley

We are a family owned business that has been helping Colchester with their motoring requirements since 1960, we are the official Citroën, Peugeot and MG dealer for North Essex and are located in Gosbecks Road, Colchester.

We pride ourselves in offering you the highest level of service, offering new cars, approved used and servicing as well as all of the latest offers.

We will be demonstrating our range of fully electric vehicles.

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Wheels for All

The Wheels for All initiative is a nationally recognised programme that embraces all children and adults with disabilities and differing needs, to engage in a quality cycling activity providing fun and stimulating cycling across the UK.

By using specially adapted cycles, the activities are both physically and mentally stimulating and above all fun for everyone involved.

All the centres are equipped with specially adapted cycles and Wheels for All trained leaders, who have the knowledge and confidence to work with adapted cycles for participants to enjoy the benefits of cycling. The centres welcome individuals, groups and families to be involved.

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Our vision is to lead the way towards seamless and sustainable mobility – joyful for everyone. Together with cities and partner organisations, we’re rethinking urban transportation by offering easy, accessible and affordable mobility services for all.

In January 2020, we became the first micro-mobility company to be fully climate-neutral. We go beyond reducing emissions linked to charging and include production, operational and transportation emissions. Our commitment to being climate-neutral will not only benefit the environment but also ensure a liveable and sustainable future.

Cycle Colchester

We’re here to keep you up to date with what’s happening locally to promote and support cycling. Whether you’re a beginner, looking to cycle more, a club rider, or just about getting from a to b, our objective is to encourage more people to cycle more often.

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Walk Colchester

Walk Colchester was set up in 2010 with the following objectives: To promote and facilitate safe and enjoyable walking. To provide information about and facilitate walking access. To promote an inclusive approach to mapping. To aid protection of our green open spaces

Colchester Bike Kitchen

We’re a friendly DIY community bike workshop in Colchester town centre run completely by volunteers.

For a suggested minimum donation of just £5 you can make use of our fully stocked workshop to work on your own bike, either on your own or under the supervision of one of our mechanics. No need to book, just drop in whenever we’re open.


TravelEssex – a journey planning app that allows you to search for sustainable travel options throughout Essex – all in one place. You can plan journeys by walking, cycling and public transport, including train, bus and DigiGo.

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Utilities & Renewable Energy Stalls

Anglian Water

At Anglian Water, we believe in doing the right thing for the environment and the planet. We’re committed to reducing CO2 emissions, protecting precious water resources and local habitats in our region. We continue to invest in innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable future for water, nature and the communities we serve.

Investing now to improve tomorrow​
Creating a sustainable future is something we have been working on for decades. We’ve made ambitious commitments that protect our environment, water and people: ​

  • Generating up to half of our own energy from renewable sources to help us achieving Net Zero Carbon status by 2030​
  • Accelerating £300million investment to protect our region’s environment ​
  • Investing millions in new fibre-optic technology to find and fix leaks faster, saving precious water​
  • Adapting to climate change by constructing hundreds of kilometres of interconnecting pipeline to move water around our region​
  • Building two new reservoirs by 2035, to make sure the driest parts of our region have enough water​

Why not explore more about our journey so far and the projects you have helped us support.


We were once one of the most coal-intensive energy companies in Europe. Today, we’re the world’s most sustainable energy company, and a global leader in the transition to green energy. We develop, construct, and operate multiple offshore wind farms and are gradually expanding our global presence. You can learn more about what we are doing right here in the UK on our website.

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Community Energy Colchester

Our energy, Our choice. Helping Colchester to move toward Net Zero

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Utility Warehouse

All your home services in one
Save time and money by getting all your home services in one, simple, monthly bill.

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Vegan & Vegetarian Food & Drink Stalls

Organic Alex

I started my vegan catering business in 2015 and now have hundreds of my own recipes at my fingertips. I enjoy changing things up, experimenting with new recipes and inventing new dishes, so please come back regularly and check out my daily and weekly specials. Some new dishes are made in small batches, and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

The Chickpea

The Chickpea is a catering company with a difference. Inspired by the exotic ingredients and passionate commitment to fresh food in Asia, we decided to re-create the street food experience in Colchester. The idea started as a market stall and has grown through our commitment to always creating authentic fresh food. All of the curries are prepared by grinding fresh spices and are cooked to perfection from our chef’s original recipes.

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Juicy Bar

We make cold-pressed juices and smoothies from fresh fruit and vegetables – some of which we have grown ourselves.

We are plant-based and vegan. At our base which is on Culver Square, Colchester we also make healthy foods, gym shakes, juice Packs and herbal tonics. We deliver these on our ecargo bike and can be found on our website – www.juicybarvitality.co.uk.

All our packaging, including our cups and straws, are made from plants and are compostable.

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Bake me kind

Bake me kind 🖤
Cakes, graze boxes, brownies and treats 🍫🧁
5* food hygiene rating 🧁
Level 2 food hygiene certified 🍰
Specialising in Vegan bakes

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Norwegian Bakers

We are bakers of highest quality breads, sweet and savoury buns, cakes and cookies at our vegan bakery in Wivenhoe, near Colchester in Essex.

We are now baking on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and the bakery is open on these days and welcome visitors from 9am til 2pm.

We also deliver to Wivenhoe, Colchester and surrounding villages – see our handy Baking Days information sheet here – and we utilise our e-cargo bike on local deliveries from the bakery.

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Bolivian Pastries

We are a local independent home bakery shop based in Colchester, specialising in vegan: cakes, bread, pasty, and desserts,Through baking and providing honest traditional food we aim to pay tribute to our wonderful heritage and culture. We hope you enjoy the taste of our authentic Bolivian street food as much as we do.

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Reuse, Repair & Recycling Stalls

Indie Kate Upcycled

Eco home essentials. Clothes and Accessories. Custom Upcycling. Kids Party Tableware Hire.

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The Textile Collective

The Textile Collective is made up of three experienced, academically trained textile & art professionals. 

We all have sustainability and mindfulness at the core of our practises and together we have created a company within the local community that provides access to a large open workspace, a variety of sewing equipment and technical/artistic support. 

As a community interest company, we aim to enable visitors to develop their own creativity, be it their sewing skills or an overall understanding of textile craft in a safe, open, and friendly environment using donated fabrics and equipment.  We have developed flexible activity sessions and drop-in groups which allow visitors to connect and be inspired in their own personal way.

Craft BEERings

Hand-crafted, up-cycled earrings and broaches embracing the wonderfully different designs of craft beer cans, bottle tops and ring pulls.

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Interactive Events

Woods O Wisdom

We offer a range of experiences in the Colchester, Essex area to help you shake off the stresses of modern-day life & give you the opportunity to reconnect with nature whilst enjoying the tranquillity of our campfire.

Have fun whilst learning new skills from an older age. Awaken your primaeval instincts by learning the art of creating fire & immerse yourself in the natural surroundings, learning more about our remarkable native flora & fauna. Taking Colchester bushcraft courses to a new level!

We hold our courses in 40 acres of beautiful deciduous woodlands offering family-friendly fun bushcraft skills to full-on bushcraft skills and woodland crafts reconnecting you back to nature and an older age when you had to thrive in the natural environment in a safe environment taught by a very experienced and qualified bushcraft instructor.

We also run group and family archery fun sessions on our woodland range all taught by qualified Archery GB instructors.

We can also bring our bushcraft & archery fun to you with our 10m bushcraft shelter and mobile archery range making it perfect for school groups, private gatherings, festivals and fayres alike.

We will be running fire demos and cordage making workshops along with the archery range and arts n crafts for children from natural renewable resources

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BWild Adventures

We offer immersive outdoor sessions and workshops suitable for lots of ages and abilities all based around nature and the outdoors. From survival and bush skills to crafting with nature, archery, outdoor play and foraging we are sure introduce you to something that you will fall in love with.

Our sessions are always personal. We make things fun, informative and high or low energy depending on what you want. We work with corporate groups, schools, adults, children but our favourite has to be families. Seeing families working together and making memories is just invaluable and it is a pleasure for us to be able to facilitate that.

Purple Whiskers – Face Painting

Offering face painting services for parties and events in Benfleet and surrounding areas.

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Healing Tent & Stalls

The Manor Health and Wellness Centre

Our Beautiful Yoga studio and Therapy Rooms here in the heart of Colchester Essex offer a wide range of natural holistic healthcare, therapies, classes and workshops.

Sarah Pinckney & Fiona Wallis created The Manor fulfilling their dream of being able to offer a whole combination of natural healthcare under one roof in Colchester Essex

“Our team of professional passionate therapists and teachers all have the same mission to provide the best natural healthcare to help and support you to live a happier, healthier life”

The Manor boasts warm and welcoming modern spacious therapy rooms and a fully equipped Yoga studio which are all available to hire.

Shesmedicine – Sacred Circles

Sacred Circles is a global circle of women called to embody their true nature, activate their light and step into service. Birthing a New Earth, we are forging the return to Love through sacred tools, alchemical practices and heart led community.

Beautiful Boho

Beautiful Boho is the creation of Laura, a jewellery maker who is a uses the subtle power of crystals and other holistic remedies to help heal others in a truly unique way. Laura is passionate about her craft, she gently cleanses her crystals & gemstones prior to making her pieces, she works her magic on every piece. She raises the vibrations of the crystals with pure love intention, then sends her unique pieces out into the world with a message of Peace & Love. She knows first-hand how powerful this type of healing can be after falling ill herself and exhausting conventional avenues of medication. She turned to holistic pain relief and healing and not only did she cure herself she discovered hidden within herself her healing power. Her calling is to extend this gift to as many others as she can through Beautiful Boho Jewellery.

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Health & Wellbeing Stalls

Olive & Ivy

Artisan soy candles & home fragrances, lovingly hand poured in our candle studio in Essex

Beautiful Bonds

Beautiful Bonds offers support with the postnatal period, preparing you through pregnancy and supporting you in the fourth trimester with babywearing, feeding, love and nurture


We are Louise and Tara, owners of EcoBaba. We are mums of young families who in an attempt to reduce our environmental impact decided to use cloth nappies on our little ones.

When we started using cloth there was no support available in our local areas, so once we’d gained experience we set up our own nappy libraries to try and help others who wanted to give it a go.

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I’ve always been passionate about the planet and a huge fan of Sir David Attenborough, so I decided my passion for soap making could help encourage people to swap from the mass produced bars containing harmful chemicals and reduce waste at the same time. My aim was to make the swap zero waste and plastic free, without compromising. Better for the skin, better for the soul and for the planet

The Guilt Free Soapery

Plant based, organic, handmade cold processed soaps with ethics at heart. With a focus on sustainability and fairtrade ingredients. Low waste, no palm oil, home compostable packaging.

Falun Dafa

Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong, is a spiritual practice that millions around the world have made a part of their lives. Rooted in Buddhist tradition, it consists of two main components: self-improvement through the study of teachings, and gentle exercises and meditation.

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Peace of Me

Peace of Me offers a fun and unique style of teaching meditation and mindfulness to young people, creating meditations as unique as each child. Classes are available online or in person, and will empower your child to work with their feelings and emotions, cope with life’s challenges and improve their mental wellbeing.

Conservation Stalls

Colchester Zoo

We work hard at Colchester Zoo to promote conservation both at home and out in the wider world. We strive to be more sustainable in our daily operations and have a continual aim to reduce our impact on the environment through the reduction of plastic use and using sustainable palm oil products. We also provide conservation talks to teach good practise to the community and many of our animals are part of breeding programmes. Read more about how we aid conservation at the zoo here.

Colchester Zoo has always cared passionately about the world’s threatened species, and created its charity Action for the Wild to assist conservation projects worldwide. This includes our own project, the UmPhafa Private Nature Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Since receiving charity status in 2004 Action for the Wild has donated over £1.2million to conservation programmes, as well as supporting conservation research. As a privately owned zoo, funding the zoo’s further development as well as assisting these projects in the wild is only possible with the support of the community, through all your visits and the funds Colchester Zoo receive from retail and catering sales. Thank you!

We will be running activities based around the illegal wildlife trade and some of the jobs our rangers do on our reserve in South Africa.


We’re now the largest nature conservation charity in the country, consistently delivering successful conservation, forging powerful new partnerships with other organisations and inspiring others to stand up and give nature the home it deserves.

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The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity that restores and protects ancient woodland as well as creating new woodland. We have planted 50 million trees since we began in 1972. We have saved thousands of woods in the last decade and we are bringing thousands of hectares of ancient woodland back to life. We want to see a UK rich in native woods and trees. We can’t achieve our vision without you.

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Colchester Natural History Society

Wildlife isn’t just something to watch on screen. We are surrounded by amazing biodiversity whether we live in the town or the country and by joining CNHS you can discover the natural world, right on your doorstep. Active members also help to shape the future of wildlife in the county by recording everything from tiny beetles and rare butterflies to huge flocks of wading birds and resident populations of otters.

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Colchester Woodland and Biodiversity Project

We launched in 2019 and with the help of many of you we have made a great start with this great initiative. As the project grows, we want to share with you what is at the very heart of the project.

The Colchester Woodland and Biodiversity Project:

  • strives to make our borough greener.
  • is committed to planting trees and helping biodiversity to flourish
  • will plant and manage our spaces without harming existing habitats
  • will enhance environments to create more space for nature to grow and thrive
  • will encourage our community to love and care for our environment, from wildflowers and meadows, to our woods and parks, old or new
  • will take the time to discover, nurture and enable the work led by communities

We want to work alongside our community to get to know, love and use our woods and parks, and we want everyone to benefit from the environmental, health and wellbeing, and societal benefits they bring.

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Campaign Group & Activists Stalls

The Extinction Rebellion (XR)

Life on Earth is in crisis. Science (and our own eyes) can see that we are entering a period of abrupt climate breakdown, a self made mass extinction. The Extinction Rebellion (XR) movement uses peaceful civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse.

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Women’s Institute Climate Ambassadors

In 1915 the WI set out to give women a voice and to be a force for good in the community. Since then, our membership and our ambitions alike have grown tremendously. Today, it’s the largest women’s organisation in the UK and prides itself on being a trusted place for women of all generations to share experience and learn from each other and together to influence local, national and international affairs.

At the outset, the WI was mainly led by women who were involved in the suffrage movement, so campaigning is part of its DNA. During World War II, it played a vital role in growing and preserving food and looking after evacuees. It has played a significant part in founding national and international groups such as Keep Britain Tidy (1960) and the Fair Trade Foundation (1992). The WI also has a proud history of taking action to protect the environment and the Climate Ambassador role was created in 2017 to provide further support for WI members who want to take local community action on environmental matters.

The national environmental campaigns which WIs in Essex have chosen to support include the following:

Climate Change – As a founding member of The Climate Coalition, we work to protect what we love from climate change, and lobby politicians to prioritise tackling the issue.

End Plastic Soup – Our campaign explores the scale of microplastic fibre pollution and calls on the government and industry to develop solutions to the problem. It also tackles Fixing Fast Fashion.

Food Matters – This campaign to reduce food waste and tackle food poverty encourages members and supermarkets to cut food waste and work more widely to address the issue of increasing food poverty.

SOS For Honeybees – Since 2009 we have been campaigning to raise awareness of the plight of bees and how we can take action to decelerate the decline of our UK honeybee population

Education Stalls

Clean Air Colchester

To support air quality improvements in the borough, we have been awarded funding to manage a two-year Clean Air for Colchester project. This community-led project aims to cut pollution from cars, buses and vans.

The project, funded by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), focuses on changing habits and encouraging people to walk and cycle for short journeys.

We know from research that small changes to driving habits, such as switching the engine off whilst stationary, can cut pollution by up to 20-30%.

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Essex Wildlife Trust

We are the county’s leading conservation charity, committed to protecting wildlife and inspiring a lifelong love of nature. Our climate is in crisis and our species face extinction. The natural world needs our help. Together we can protect the future. Join us.

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Abberton Rural Training

A National Award winning charity providing education and training in a range of Land Based Studies including Horticulture, Woodlands, Land Management, Conservation, Countryside & Environment, Construction and Rural Crafts.

We work with a range of groups including disadvantaged, vulnerable and isolated people, with specialist groups for young people, people with Special Education Needs, Wounded and Injured Service Personnel, victims of Domestic Violence and many others, as well as being for the general community who just want to learn conservation or gardening skills etc.

With sites right across Essex and South Suffolk we are sure to have a course close to you, however, if you cannot come in yourself due to isolation or other factors, then why not have a look at our online courses to help you get started.

Political & Local Government Stalls

Colchester Borough Council

On 17 July 2019, Colchester Borough Council declared a climate emergency, acknowledging that urgent action is required to limit the environmental impacts produced by the climate crisis.

The Council is committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2030 and improving on the 40% reduction in carbon footprint it has made since 2008.