Young Arts Competition

Poetry & Prose, Art, Music & Nursery Rhyme

The competition deadline has been extended to Friday 10th July 2020

Open to 5 -18 year olds

Parental/Teacher Guidance for entrants

Our young citizens (students and pupils) are the future. With the current climate emergency we want to ensure their voices, ideas, solutions and concerns are fully heard and discussed. To facilitate this dialogue we are running a poetry, prose, art, music and nursery rhyme competition.

How to enter:

We have a very simple question that we would like you to answer:


“How do we balance the needs of humans with those of the beautiful planet that sustains us?”


You can answer using “Poetry & Prose”, “Art” or “Music & Nursery Rhyme” or all three if you so wish.

Please submit your entry by Friday 10th July 2020*


Helpful Tips:

  • We want as many young people to participate
  • We encourage you to discuss your entry with your teachers, tutors, parents, carers and other family members.
  • You don’t have to submit something from a human perspective. eg. You could be an animal, a tree, the earth, the moon etc.
  • The key concept is how we can achieve balance
  • You may enter more than one category for your age group
  • Entries are limited to those with Essex and Suffolk postcodes only

Recognition & Rewards

  • The best 3 in each of the 12 categories will also be presented with a prize to a minimum value of £10.00
  • All entries will be posted on the Eco Festival website.